We Moved to a New Studio

We Moved to a New Studio



We moved to a new studio last November 🏡

Those of you who have walked with us for quite a while may have known that for years our studio was basically a tiny space on the ground floor of my house, with (also) a tiny space in the backyard that we used as dye kitchen. While it's tiny, it has become a creative birthplace for a long time, and I am so grateful for it ❤

The decision to move the studio was carefully and mindfully taken, as we've been blessed with a growth that allowed us to take baby steps forward, while making positive impact and ripple effects >>> keep growing our garden and continue collaborating with barkcloth artisans in Central Sulawesi, mother seamstresses in Ubud, and bag makers in Denpasar. I'm glad that we found a place so close from home, it's even in the same village -- within 10 minutes walking distance.



Though we moved our studio to a new place (which still is a simple home-studio), the dye garden stays at my home. This may not be an instagrammable fancy garden picture but I'm just happy to share this with you ~ especially this currently-fruiting 15-month old Kesumba Keling (Achiote) that we planted from seed 🌱



Because, no matter how big, fancy or spacious our workspace is, the root, the breath, the heartbeat and the voice of all this heartwork begin from our heart and from here . . . the soil (and the pots) that have become a loving, nurturing home to all the plants we've co-created with.

This is also an affirmation to all new artisans, artists and small business owners, don't worry too much about others' measurement and opinion on what inspiring and uninspiring workspace looks like, you'd be tired in adjusting all the time because it's very subjective.

Whether your workspace is a big yummy vintage studio or only a tiny desk + chair in the corner of your bedroom, and whether your garden is a big forest-like land or an 8sqm plot in the front yard, be proud of it.

It's your sacred space ❤

It's where you articulate your mind, pour your heart, chant your songs, and where the magic begins 🏡🌠🌄🌌🌿🌻.



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