Learn Natural Dye with Us

You are here because you believe what you wear and how it was made matter.

plant dyed organic cotton fabrics   private natural dye workshop - kym   ecoprint process

You want to establish a meaningful relationship with plants and get to know their teachings, philosophies, healing properties, captivating forms, and abundant colors.

And perhaps, you feel reconnected with the ancestral wisdom of creating with mother nature.

We felt the same way, and the truth is, that calling was what made Cinta Bumi Artisans exist and deeply exploring the world of natural dyeing.

And we understand how challenging it can be to explore when you are not sure where or how to begin since there are so many possibilities and resources of information these days.

private natural dye workshop - tiffany   cinta bumi artisans studio   indigo-dyed ecoprinted scarf

In our little home studio, we open our door to anyone who are curious and willing to learn and co-create with plants through gentle practice of natural dyeing. We will guide you on the foundation of dyeing with plants, what materials are for you (and why it matters), how to identify your plant allies, step by step of preparing, dyeing and fixing your textiles and fibers, surface design with plant dyes, and how to manage your dye waste among others.

private natural dye workshop - yamuna   private natural dye workshop - hanne and lisbeth   private natural dye workshop - karen

Our one-on-one class is a learning experience that covers key components of natural dye practice while being done in a relaxing home environment. In between sessions, we may sit on the terrace, sip an herbal tea, and perhaps talk about things that inspire us.

If this is something that resonate with you and you feel it as an invitation, we'll be waiting for you.