• Ecoprinting: The Truest Way

    We are proud of the "flaws", spots, marks and ghosting effects created in our ecoprinted works, just like we believe that all of us, each of us human, have our own beautiful imperfection and should be proud of our authentic self.

  • Every Baby Step Counts

    Start small. Plant some seeds. Plant some love. Save some rainwater. Grow your garden -- even if it's only take a tiny part of your apartment's balcony. Wake up early. Respire fresh air. Say hello to the sun (or the rain).
  • Acceptance

    We learned of how unhealthy and unconscious it was, to "force colors" to be available for the sake of beauty. Doesn't sustainability also mean circular thinking -- of sources?

  • The Ripple Effect

    It's a beautiful, if not eye and heart opening, opportunity to finally be able to share what we believe to others. It's not about us teaching, but we ourselves learn so much from the students, which make us all equal, we're students of life.