Everything that the earth gives us is timeless.

Dear beautiful hearts,

Welcome to Cinta Bumi Artisans -- a creative place for learning, connecting, healing and co-creating with plants and fibers.

Cinta Bumi means love the Earth in Indonesian. This is a loving-space to guide you deepen your connection with yourself and the Earth through ancestral wisdom, artisanal crafts(wo)manship, and conscious creativity.

We believe that the wisest place to start making positive change is from ourselves, when we are able to remember our meaningful qualities and unlock our hearts to learn and contribute in this life.

You already have these beautiful strengths, we're just here to help you reconnect with them.

Through handcrafted wearable poetry, online courses and in-person workshops, we offer experiences into engaging with your inner-artist and learning the magic and profundity of living colors and fibers from nature.



It's about love, and love needs time.

Many of us normalized fast as a part of core quality, unexceptionally in cloth-making. But when you get deeper and tune in with your heart... you realized that even in exploring and embracing true love -- unexceptionally self-love, we need time to get there.

How often do we reflect on the impact of fast and unfairly-made clothes to the Earth, to the souls who made them, and to our wellbeing -- as individuals and a collective?

We believe that handcrafting a cloth that speaks for life, for love, is like a poetic journey we take to embrace love wholeheartedly. Handcrafting a cloth is an offering and a way of deepening our relationship with nature.

Cloth is sacred. As our second skin, it's one of the first things that touched us when we were born, and one of the last things that touched our physical form when we die. It stays with us for as long as our physical bodies belong to the Earth.



Honoring ancestral wisdom and artisanal crafts(wo)manship.

At Cinta Bumi Artisans, 95% of our team, associates and partnering artisans are women from diverse backgrounds who honor ancestral wisdom and heritage. We believe everything that has made us the way we are now is established by our ancestors. And we have the ability to choose their wisdom to guide us in the way we live, unexceptionally when it comes to our clothes.

When we really see with our intuitions, we will find that in our lineages, we have ancestors who were cloth-makers. They were knowledgeable, skillful and self-reliant not only in growing and making their food but also their garments. Barkcloth-making, yarn-spinning, handweaving, and dyeing with living colors were integral part of their lives. DIY was not a niche thing for them. They truly lived it out loud.

We may not be able to discover precisely on who our ancestors were or what crafts(wo)manship they practiced many centuries ago, but the convenience in our modern lives -- including technology use and open learning access -- enables us to channel our conscious creativity, to reconnect and rediscover them for our wellbeing, self-empowerment, and the legacy we will pass down further to others.



Redefine timeless through conscious creativity.

While common perspective about timeless these days is something plain, minimalist, and even disparage colorful entities, we believe that timeless is not simply about the surface look, color, or pattern.

Everything that the earth gives us is timeless. It is ourselves who often define it in the opposite way.

Many of us are more critical in seeing earth-loving handcrafted creations and more appreciating factory-made things being made fast, cheap and look-good (not feel-good) because we were taught that the 'best' quality that matters is permanence. When we realized and accept that impermanence is the wisdom that plays the vital role in the circle of life -- which means it is timeless, we invite joyful connection of our consciousness and creativity to fuse their magic into our lives.

Timeless is about being true, kind, and compassionate. It's about giving with sincerity and receiving with gratitude. It's about being and doing with mindfulness and integrity to contribute to a healthy ecosystem. Timeless is a reminder that we are all students of life who walk through our learning journeys collectively, and that each journey begins at home.

Thank you for walking together with love.


❤ ❤ ❤