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Bundle-Dye (Ecoprint) Kit

Bundle-Dye (Ecoprint) Kit

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Our Bundle-Dye Kit is an enjoyable, creative medium for your therapeutic art exploration, whether you're a beginner who wants to give a try at natural dyeing with plants or a more experienced dyer who longs for a plant dye session for yourself.

Inside our Bundle-Dye Kit, you will have:

  • Silk-Tencel Scarf (already mordanted with Symplocos leaf mordant)
  • Soapnut
  • Dye Plant to make a dye bath (see option)
  • Assortment of dried leaves from available plants in our garden
  • Reusable String
  • Repurposed Wooden Stick
  • Tutorial video (link will be sent to you along with the package)

Why We Made This Kit

In our daily practice, we sincerely hope to contribute and share what we are blessed with to others, no matter how small it is. We've been very proactive in learning, teaching, sharing and promoting artisanal crafts(wo)manship and natural dyeing through interactive exhibitions, workshops, and retreats.

This inspired us to present a new medium to you, to recite your poetic passage with the gift of earth colors made of plants at your fingertip, as you reflect, redefine, redesign, and restart your way of living, loving and learning especially in this transformative time, by bringing our creative process to you through our Bundle-Dye Kit that you can co-create with at home.


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