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Poetry Cloth: Dye, Print and Paint with Plants Workshop (01-03 December 2023)

Poetry Cloth: Dye, Print and Paint with Plants Workshop (01-03 December 2023)

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Dear heart,

This is an invitation for you to join us co-creating and playing with plants, fibers and colors, while composing poetry and making memories on cloths.

Poetry Cloth is our signature natural dye workshop that we have flowed since 2018. Started as an introductory class, it has evolved into a more in-depth space where wonderful people who came from various walks of lives gather to establish relationship with plants, fibers, and colors through the art of natural dyeing.

Save the dates and book your space:
Friday - Sunday, 01 - 03 December 2023
10 am - 1 pm each day
Mana Earthly Paradise, Ubud, Bali

Natural dye techniques that you will learn in Poetry Cloth:
- Low Water Immersion Dye
- Ecoprint (also known as Contact Print, Botanical Print, or Bundle Dye)
- Paint with Mordant Paste
- Ink-making with your dye bath exhaust

After completing the workshop, you will be able to co-create colors, prints and patterns with plants . . .
- Understand more about the foundations of natural dye.
- Have the confidence in choosing and preparing materials for natural dyeing.
- Get clear on how to make your low-water immersion dye baths.
- Have invaluable tools for creating surface design and coloring fabrics and papers using multiple natural dye techniques.
- Understand how to fix, modify, and manage aftercare of your naturally-dyed fabrics.
- Know how to make your own zero waste art with the plant remnants and dye bath exhaust.

In the workshop, you will create artisanal fabrics and wearable poetry made of various natural fibers, such as tencel (eucalyptus fiber), hemp, silk, and organic cotton.

We want you to not only be nourished by plant wisdom during the course, but also to be able to continue your creative practice with ease and confidence at home, so you will also get:
- home dye kit
- handbook to guide and support your practice
- dye log and plant exploration journal

Book your space by purchasing directly on this page.

If you have any question, please email us at

IDR 3,300,000 per person

Look forward to co-creating with you 🌼

❤ ❤ ❤


FAQs - Workshop

May I bring my own fabrics / clothes to dye during the workshop?

Though we love your excitement and enthusiasm in plant dyeing, the answer to this is you may not bring and/or dye your own fabrics and clothes in the workshop. You will be able to do so after finish the workshop and continue your practice at home or workspace. All the fabrics for the workshop are provided by us.


Who is this workshop for?

Anyone who carries love, interest, respect and appreciation for nature, ancestral wisdom, craftsmanship, and conscious creativity. Those who love colors and want to learn more about concocting colors from plants and working with them to dye their clothes. Intuitive arts and crafts enthusiasts. Eco warriors. Those who believe in the magic of nature and aren't afraid to open their mind and heart for possibilities of communicating, learning and co-creating with plants. Those who love hugging trees. Poets. Those who love poetry.

I'm a mother of young children. Can I take them with me to the workshop?

As a mother myself, I feel you and understood that sometimes it can be challenging to work away from your baby or young children especially for a couple days. You are welcome to take your child with you, but we don't provide a person-in-charge specifically for this matter.

Can I get a discount?

At the moment we don't give any discount. All our prices have been carefully calculated not simply by the cost of materials but also the meaning and values of the process and practice we have taken to be able to design, organize and present our heartwork for you.



❤ ❤ ❤



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