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Plant-Dyed Saddle-Stitched Journal | Rewild 06

Plant-Dyed Saddle-Stitched Journal | Rewild 06

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Journaling is proven to be a powerful, therapeutic medium of all purposes -- where we write down our ideas, reflections, travel notes, food recipes, mindmapping, daily diary, and it's one of the safe spaces to pour our feelings in a journey of healing and letting go.

Our handcrafted journal brings you a sweet safe space to pour all the things you want to breathe out. Like a bestfriend who's always there for you, listen to every happiness and misery of yours . . . all your deep truths.

Features & Materials

  • A5 size
  • The covers and middle pages are made of 100% cotton cold-pressed watercolor paper. Naturally-dyed with hand-harvested plants from our garden and food waste from our kitchen.
  • Blank book paper pages.
  • Handstitched with plant-dyed cotton yarn.

Raw Cutting

Most of our journal papers and inserts are uncut or we let the raw edges alive. Some papers are shrinked when dyed or ecoprinted, hence the covers are sometimes slightly smaller than the inside pages. We mostly don't cut or trim the inside pages to not create any paper waste and allow the uneven sizes be the way they are.


From harvesting the plants, pre-treating and dyeing the papers, and assembled them by handstitching, the whole process of a small batch of journals requires 7-12 days to make.

Learn more about our natural dyeing ethics here.

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