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MEMOAR ARUTALA - Trust (Gibbous Moon) Statement Necklace
MEMOAR ARUTALA - Trust (Gibbous Moon) Statement Necklace
MEMOAR ARUTALA - Trust (Gibbous Moon) Statement Necklace
MEMOAR ARUTALA - Trust (Gibbous Moon) Statement Necklace
MEMOAR ARUTALA - Trust (Gibbous Moon) Statement Necklace
MEMOAR ARUTALA - Trust (Gibbous Moon) Statement Necklace

MEMOAR ARUTALA - Trust (Gibbous Moon) Statement Necklace

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Your heart is open. Your mind is open. You are ready to trust and accept the unknown; for everything that you have done, there's always response and consequence. The Gibbous Moon walks with you as you embrace your journey. It's time to accept with boundaries, not to hold on to a blind faith. It's time to nurture, not to overwhelm. And it's time to trust that you are enough.

ANATOMY - Trust (Gibbous Moon) Statement Necklace

  • Base - Pure linen, ecoprinted with plants.
  • Inner layer - Indigo-dyed paper mulberry barkcloth.
  • Outer layer (the moon) - Euca linen dyed with jackfruit wood.
  • Threads - Cotton yarn, dyed with indigofera tinctoria, jackfruit wood and marigold.
  • Soulful charms:
    - Paper mulberry barkcloth bead dyed with indigofera tinctoria.
    - Rose Quartz (self-trust, unconditional love)
    - Onyx (resilience, strength)
    - Sodalite (intuition, truth)

Necklace Cord Length: 50 - 75 cm (adjustable)
Pendant: 6.5 cm x 8.5 cm

Naturally-dyed, designed, and handcrafted by Novieta Tourisia. From her Arutala Journal, June 2020.


1. a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or special sources.
· an autobiography or a written account of one's memory of certain events or people.
2. an essay on a learned subject.

Arutala in Sanskrit -- the root of our ancestral language -- means rembulan, or how we call the Moon in Bahasa Indonesia. Moon phases -- Putaran Arutala, our ancestral intuition and the magic of womanhood (which beautifully relates to moon cycle) inspired me in birthing this collection.

Memoar Arutala consists of eight particles that interpret eight moon phases: Intention (New Moon), Breathe (Crescent Moon), Create (First Quarter Moon), Trust (Gibbous Moon), Clarity (Full Moon), Gratitude (Disseminating Moon), Giving (Third Quarter Moon), and finally Restore (Balsamic Moon) before it goes back to intention.

It's a personal reminder for me -- which I sincerely hope to inspire you -- that every single path has a profound story worth to memorize, and for centuries our ancestors on our dear Earth used to "dance with the moon". The women were especially connected with the moon, understanding their state of mind, body and soul as each moon phase came; and they even calculated the right dates for cultural rituals and agricultural practice based on the moon phase, something that many of us had been disconnected for too long.

Above all, Memoar Arutala is a loving and grateful memorabilia dedicated to the Universe, who gives us herself as a sacred space we call our home.

  • Learn about our barkcloth-making process here.
  • Learn about our natural dye ethics here.
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