Mindful Process

Every piece we make has their own story and intricate details. Here's a summary of our process.

1 - Mindful Materials

When commonly products are designed and made using the logic of "materials-follow-design" -- and that certainly what we often did in our very beginning, we do it in reverse. Our design and craftsmanship process are based on the raw materials availability, especially when it comes to barkcloth and natural dyes, which we source directly from plants and are not factory-manufactured. We never take much. We don't overstock. This helps us to be proactive in conscious production.

2 - Nurturing and Constructing Ideas

By learning and understanding about material availability, we have trained ourselves about what to expect (from nature) based on the weather and season. This knowledge has contributed to our creative process to grow and flow -- what inspire us, why we pick the ideas, how to interpret them, what to create, and when it releases. The inspirations are always there. The ideas always circulate. They are ready to be nurtured and constructed.

3 - Design with Conscious Creativity

We believe that nature-inspired design has the ability of connecting and fusing mindfulness and intuition into harmony. As an example, the shape of our products are designed with mindfulness: timeless cut and low impact. Whilst for the surface design of them, the threads and fabrics are naturally-dyed with plants that grow or bloom in the season and foraged locally, where intuitive flow takes the main role. Even though the cuttings and colors may not keep up with "current trends", there's a deeper meaning in those cuttings and colors that cannot be compared with any replaceable fashion trend.

4 - Natural Dyeing

Our plant-dyed works are our heartwork. Each is produced consciously through a slow and meditative process that is kind to the people and the planet. We grow our own dye garden, collect our dyeable food waste, and source from traceable farmers and suppliers. We don't use plastic as barrier layer in bundle dyeing / ecoprinting. We care more about the authenticity of the plant characteristics, the impact of our practice, and the ecological values of bundle dyeing rather than focusing only on the surface beauty. Learn more about our natural dyeing ethics. 

5 - Assembling and Editing

We partner with local seamstress and bag-makers. The vision, values, purpose, story, designs and colors are co-assembled with them. Quality and improvement are mandatory in our production. Once it's passed, the collection is ready to take flight.

6 - Finding New Home

We are committed to embody inspired, authentic, and memorable handcrafted wearable poetry that create positive influence and will be your delightful companions in years to come.

7 - Regrow

Our creations are sourced from and inspired by Mother Nature. It is integral for us to give back what we have borrowed from her. We do this step by step, start with replanting and growing trees. Not only the dye plants, but also plants for food, herbs, and medicine. When you purchase our handcrafted goods and wearable poetry, you walk with us and share your hands to contribute in the continuous cycle of seeds-to-life.