Low-Water Immersion Dye | Private Course

While the common practice of immersion dye creates an even color throughout the entire surface of a fabric, low water immersion dye offers distinct and mottled result on it. It gives a touch of resist dye effect that is unique and non-replicable. The best part of this practice is it requires a lot less water (nearly 80% less) and less energy than the common immersion dye, making it low impact to the environment.
After this course, you will be able to:
  • Choose fibers and dye plants for low immersion dyeing
  • Prepare fabrics for low water immersion dyeing (pre-treatment process)
  • Prepare low impact plant dye baths
  • Create surface design and dyeing fabrics and yarns with low water immersion technique
  • Manage the aftercare of low water immersion dyed fabrics
  • Make zero waste art with your dye bath exhaust
What you will make during the course:
  • Fabric sample swatches
  • Fabric projects made of silk, organic cotton, and tencel
  • Low Water Immersion Dye Journal
  • Your own zero-waste statement art on paper
How long does the course take?
2 days (10 am - 1 pm each day)
What days / dates is the course available?
The options are Tuesday - Wednesday or Thursday - Friday. (We don't run private courses on Mondays and the weekends.)
Course price per person:
IDR 2,400,000
What's included in the course:
  • Materials, equipment and tools for the entire program
  • Handbook
  • Refreshment and drink