Ecoprint / Bundle-Dye | Private Course

Ecoprint (also known as contact print, botanical print, and bundle-dye) is a method of printing and dyeing with plants using the plants' own colorant properties on a surface (commonly on fabric, but can also be on paper, yarn, wood and clay).
We love ecoprint for many reasons. It truly creates one-of-a-kind art that can be functional and wearable. It gives us endless possibilities in working on surface design. It requires less water and less energy, making it one of the most sustainable natural dye methods when being done in the original way of ecoprinting (i.e. work with tannin-rich plants, no plastic barrier, and use proper mordants responsibly).
Ecoprint is also a great teacher of playfulness, patience and acceptance, through the way we work with plants based on their characters, properties, season, and their living habitat.
After this course, you will have the confidence in:
  • Choosing fibers and dye plants for ecoprinting
  • Preparing fabrics, papers, and plants for ecoprinting (pre-treatment process)
  • Preparing low impact plant dye baths
  • Creating surface design and dyeing fabrics and papers with multiple ecoprint techniques
  • Managing the aftercare of ecoprinted fabrics and papers
  • Making zero waste art with your plant remnants and dye bath exhaust
What you will make:
  • Ecoprinted papers for versatile creations
  • Fabric projects made of silk, organic cotton, and tencel
  • Ecoprinted Journal
  • Your own zero-waste statement art on paper
How long does the course take?
2 days (10 am - 1 pm each day)
What days / dates is the course available?
The options are Tuesday - Wednesday or Thursday - Friday. (We don't run private courses on Mondays and the weekends.)
Course price per person:
IDR 2,800,000
What's included in the course:
  • Materials, equipment and tools for the entire program
  • Handbook
  • Refreshment and drink