The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect


There were several things I thought about back then when I considered to share what we've learned along Cinta Bumi Artisans' journey through workshops and immersions, but one of the toughest was this: Will what we share be useful and profound for those who decide to jump in?

Because the truth is, I myself have joined in (natural dye) workshops after workshops not only to practice the knowledge and skills I've absorbed, but also to pass forward what I've practiced including my own discoveries to others. Circular knowledge. The Ripple Effect.



And that means, when I join in workshops, not only I learn "how to teach", but also "how not to teach", based on the integrity, purpose, style and values of the teachers I've learned from. I do have the same message for those who have joined in my immersions.

It's a beautiful, if not eye and heart opening, opportunity to finally be able to share what we believe to others. It's even more beautiful to see how content they are with the experience they have taken with us, the experience that may give ideas and insights for their future paths. It's not about us teaching, but we ourselves learn so much from the students, which make us all equal, we're students of life.



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