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Linen Tote | Grandma's Garden

Linen Tote | Grandma's Garden

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A bouquet of marigolds arrives. Someone dearly sent it to you, knowing how deep you love these flowers. How calming it is for you to see them and smell their scent -- pungent yet sweet and soothing. Their vivid colors bring back your childhood nostalgia of your grandma's home, with a garden full of mango trees, jasmine, and especially marigolds, a place you felt safe the most, a place where you began nurturing your dreams until they came true.

100% linen, cotton twill strap.

Marigolds, guava leaves.

46 x 36 cm (18 x 14 in)

Duration of Making-Process: 16 days
Techniques: Bundle Dye (Ecoprint) and Immersion Dye
Bundle dye or ecoprint is a method of creating with botanical matters like leaves, flowers, seed pods and barks to print themselves on fabric (or paper) using their own dyes, pigments and tannin. 
Each shape of plant is unique and non-identical even with the same plant that come from the same tree, whilst the color of the plant is often different to the color it releases or prints.

Immersion dye is a method of coloring fibers by immersing/soaking/dipping the whole or a part of the fibers into a dye bath for certain amount of time. We use tannin-rich plants to make the colors long-lasting while being mindful that color of the plant is often different to the color it releases as dye.

The magic of nature plays the most vital role in the process, which makes the result of each creation a one-of-a-kind beauty and cannot be replicated.

Read more about our natural dyeing process

Hand wash in cool water with pH neutral soap. Dissolve or dilute the soap in the water before washing. You may see some release of color in the water at your first wash but it is normal. We recommend smoothing out wrinkles by hand. Hang it and air dry in the shade. Iron on low temperature. Store it away from direct heat and light.

Natural/botanical dyes are not synthetic dyes and it may slightly change color or fade over time. (Honestly synthetic dyes are also fading, only that it takes longer period of time.) When properly maintained and taken care of as the aforementioned instructions, our naturally-dyed goods will last a long time.

We do our best to photograph our works and all of the photographs are taken in natural light. However, natural colors often cover more tones with more subtle shades, and please keep in mind that the colors may appear differently according to your computer screen, so slight variations in tones are to be expected.