Home Dyers Kit
Home Dyers Kit
Home Dyers Kit
Home Dyers Kit
Home Dyers Kit
Home Dyers Kit
Home Dyers Kit
Home Dyers Kit

Home Dyers Kit

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In time like this, where the world is shifting and perspectives are changing, there's always new birth and new hope waiting to be embraced. Rather than placing it only as threat, see it from the other side as an opportunity for us all to learn and relearn something meaningful, start from our within, start at home.

In our daily practice, at home and at work, our small team hope to contribute and share what we are blessed with to others, no matter how small it is.

And in the past two years, we've been very proactive in learning, sharing and promoting artisanal craftsmanship and natural dyeing through interactive exhibitions, workshops, trips and retreats.

We had prepared our 2020 immersions to invite you to join a selected of fresh experience of dyeing with us in our home island of Bali. Unfortunately, this had to be put on hold as the global condition makes this not feasible and we simply want to take care of each other.

This inspired us to present a new medium to you, to recite your poetic passage with the gift of earth colors made of plants at your fingertip, as you reflect, redefine, redesign, and restart your way of living, loving and learning especially in this transformative time, by bringing our creative process to you through our Home Dyers Kit that you can co-create with at home.

We designed and formed it as a craft therapy, where people of any gender, belief, culture, and other backgrounds can experience. Whether you're a beginner who wants to give a try at natural dyeing with plants, or a more experienced dyer who longs for a dyeing session for yourself, our kit is an enjoyable, creative medium for your healing art exploration. And we sincerely hope our Home Dyers Kit inspires you and shines more light in your creative journey... begins at home.

Inside our Home Dyers Kit, you will have:

  • 1 Petite Scarf* made of 100% silk (140 x 24 cm) -- already pre-treated with symplocos plant mordant
  • 3 pcs Soapnut
  • 100 gram Symplocos plant mordant**
  • 100 gram Dye Plant to make a dye bath (option: Marigold OR Sappanwood)
  • Assortment of dried leaves from available plants in our garden
  • 2.5 meter Cotton String
  • 1 pc Repurposed Wooden Stick
  • 1 pc Poetry Card
  • A Step-by-step Guide Sheet

(*) By purchasing Home Dyers Kit, not only you have supported our small business, but also helping our local partnering seamstresses who work from home while taking care of their families.

(**) We sourced our Symplocos plant mordant from the Bebali Foundation / Threads of Life, who have been working with rural weavers, artisans, dyers, farmers and ethnobotanists for three decades. Their Symplocos powder is made of sustainably harvested windfallen Symplocos leaves, where the forest is taken care by local villagers in Flores.