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Customized Plant-Dyeing (Immersion Dye)
Customized Plant-Dyeing (Immersion Dye)
Customized Plant-Dyeing (Immersion Dye)
Customized Plant-Dyeing (Immersion Dye)

Customized Plant-Dyeing (Immersion Dye)

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You've asked us if we can dye your clothes.

YES, we do!

We LOVE the fact that you care. You care about people and planet. You choose to dye your fabrics or revive and rejuvenate your old clothes without throwing them away in order to refresh your wardrobe. And we LOVE that you choose to do so by fusing genuine colors concocted from plants. Colors that represent your mind, body and soul. Colors that are kind to your skin and the Earth.

Let's flow together!

Make sure your fabrics are made of natural fibers.

We can dye silk, wool, cotton, linen, ramie, hemptencel (euca/lyocell), natural canvas, viscose, or rayon. The fabric can be purely contained one type of these fibers or mixture of them. We don't dye synthetic fibers.

Choose what you want to dye.

Choose category of clothing, the plant color, and the quantity you'd like to order.

Payment and confirmation.

Check-out your cart and proceed your payment accordingly. We will confirm your order within 24 hours on weekdays.

Send them to us.

In our confirmation, you will receive our mail address. By then you can send your fabrics to us.

As always. Our plant dyeing process is all about love, and love needs time.

Once your fabric safely arrives in our hands, we will take care of it. It will take 10 - 15 days to dye it, start from the next day after we receive it. Depends on the type of fabric and plant color that you choose, we will communicate more thoroughly about this with you. Wait patiently, with an open and joyful heart.

The treasure is on your way.

It is wrapped with mindful packaging, handled with kindness, and delivered with care. You will receive delivery notification from us once it begins its journey to you.

Your wearable poetry arrives in your hands.

It feels like meeting your significant other after a sweet passage. Hopefully, you love it even more.

Important Notes

  • Currently we only offer immersion dye service. Customized bundle-dye (ecoprint) service soon will be available :)
  • Shades of colors may vary according to the type of fiber being used. Protein fibers like silk and wool generally have deeper and vivid shades compared to cellulose fibers like cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, or tencel, which commonly are lighter and more subtle.
  • Marks and stains may occur when dyeing used fabrics due to the use of deodorants. All used fabrics must be washed and cleaned prior to delivery.
  • We are committed to create with transparency and quality, but to attain this completely you need to take a good care of your plant-dyed treasure so that they have a long life and more lasting colors. Complete care guide is submitted to each work we dye for you.

Our Natural Dyeing Ethics

When we say natural dye, we do mean it wholeheartedly. Each and all of our dyes come from nature, not synthetic dyes (not even synthetic non-azo dyes). Most of our natural dyes are plant dyes, and only a few are mud dye and earth pigments that we forage responsibly.

The ingredients we use through the entire process of natural dyeing in our studio are 95% from plants (i.e. 36+ kinds of dye plants, bio soapnut for scouring, soy milk as binding agent, and symplocos leaf as mordant, palm vinegar for fixing, and coconut soap for washing) and 5% from minerals (i.e. homemade rustwater, mud and earth pigments) -- all are safe and non-toxic.

Learn more about our natural dyeing ethics.

The way we design, create, and present our wearable poetry is rooted on intuitive mindfulness while sharpening our circular mindset. If you're interested in walking with us in a special project centered on this foundation related to customized plant-dyeing, please contact us at :)