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3-Ply Plant-Dyed Face Mask - Rectangular

3-Ply Plant-Dyed Face Mask - Rectangular

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Since the beginning of self-retreating (we love calling it self-retreating instead of self-isolation), we have received many requests from our wonderful customers to make our version of poetry cloth face mask.

We welcomed the ideas warmly and we teamed-up with The Bali Curator, making reusable, washable cloth face masks that are gentle, breathable and protective for you while being kind to mother nature.

Each of our face mask consists of three layers of kind fabrics with an adjustable strap, and each is ecoprinted and naturally-dyed with plants that are mostly foraged from our garden, kitchen, and within our neighborhood.

First layer: Woven cotton (cotton gauze)
Middle/inner layer: Organic cotton
Third layer (that touches your face): Tencel
Adjustable strap: Organic cotton

We present these masks with an affordable cost price of IDR 53,000 each (USD 3.2) which covers materials, sewing (supporting local tailors/seamstresses to keep the livelihood flowing), washing, packing, and a donation for families in Bali who are currently struggling and affected by the COVID-19 situation.

Though we'd love to share the joy of plant colors with you, we cannot give you an option of choosing your own pattern, motif or color. Your face mask will be chosen mindfully by us. Each of our face mask is non-identical, even the ones that are naturally-dyed or ecoprinted with the same plants. Just like you, each is truly one of a kind.

Beside buying face mask for yourself and your loved ones, we also open a possibility for you to gift it to people who are in need and are close to our surrounding (here in Bali), such as ojek driver, post office courier, cleaning service officer, and many others who cannot stay at / work from home and/or are not able to afford good quality face mask. To participate in this effort of spreading kindness, you can choose to donate a face mask for people-in-need in your purchase.

Thank you. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Spread love. Share kindness. Be grateful.

"Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver."
~ Barbara de Angelis ~