Our Circle

Studio / Headquarter | Ubud, Bali

Our simple studio is located in Ubud, Bali. It's our craftroom, dye studio, and space to host our 1:1 workshop.

Being a small-but-solid team of women, you might find us brewing some dyes, painting on barkcloth, taking photoshoot of a fresh collection, discussing some latest botanical findings, stitching handmade journals, or even dancing in this very space.


Barkcloth Artisans | Central Sulawesi 

Started with 2 individual artisans back in 2015, now we have been partnering with 20+ barkcloth artisans in 5 villages in the Bada Valley of Poso, Central Sulawesi.

We walk hand-in-hand with these women to protect native plants, sustain cultural heritage, and provide a source of income.




Other Non-Timber Forest Products Artisans (Bamboo, Coixseed, Straw)
Bali | Central Sulawesi

Whether it's for a single product or an accent to a product, the supporting materials we use are made of non-timber forest products, such as pandanus baskets, bamboo baskets and clutches, and coixseed jewelries. These culturally-rich goods are handcrafted by weavers and artisans in Bali and Central Sulawesi.




Production Associates (Bag-Makers, Seamstress) | Bali

We work with production partners to transform our ideas into reality. From local seamstress who sew the clothes to the ones who construct the barkcloth into bags and accessories, our production partners are based and operated in Bali.