For the love of the Earth, for the love of art.

Cinta Bumi means love the Earth in Indonesian language.
We embody our love for the Earth, art, and cultural heritage by fusing ancestral wisdom, artisanal craftswomanship, and mindful innovation into the creations of impactful handmade goods and wearable poetry.

Our studio in Ubud, Bali, is a simple home with a small herbs and dye garden. Our team circulates unlimited dreams and inspirations through the entire process -- from birthing ideas to wrapping a package for a customer to regrowing plants from seeds.

Whether it’s barkcloth bags, bundle-dyed scarves, statement necklaces, or handstitched art journals, each piece of our work is mindfully and individually handcrafted in small batches using natural materials with a slow, meditative, and full-circle process.

We are committed to embody authentic, sincere, and memorable handcrafted works that create positive influence and will be your delightful companions in years to come.

How the journey began: Interconectedness is real. 

It all started with an afternoon hike around the megalithic sites of the Bada Valley.

I was still a full-time ecotourism practitioner and I was running a two-year research (2013-2015) for community-based ecotourism initiative in Poso, Central Sulawesi. One of the key aspects I mapped for the framework was the intangible cultural heritage of the indigenous communities around the Lore Lindu National Park, this included Bada Valley.

That afternoon in the middle of a rice field, I met Mama Ri'i, a ranta (barkcloth) maker and my first teacher who personally taught me about ranta-making proces, the sacred values and meaning of the cloth, while sharing her feelings around the vulnerable status of this centuries-old intangible cultural heritage. (At that time, in 2014, there were less than 10 people who still regularly made ranta in the valley.)

It was the gateway that brought me to my awakened self; the bridge that connected me to the path where I truly belong: artisanal craftsmanship; the vessel that rose my dream and courage to birth Cinta Bumi Artisans, an embryo I had kept safely in my heart for over a decade.

It's about LOVE, and love needs TIME.

Don't you feel it's true?

Many of us normalized fast as a part of core quality, unexceptionally in fashion. But won't you get deeper and tune in with your heart... that even in exploring and embracing true love, we need time to get there?

We believe that making a piece of cloth that speaks for life, for love, is like the poetic journey we take to true love.

How can't we? Cloth is sacred. It's one of the first things that touched us when we were born, and one of the last things that touched our physical form when we die. It stays with us for as long as we belong to the Earth.



While common perspective about modern luxury and timeless fashion is plain, minimalist, and even disparage colorful entities, we believe that timeless is more than just the surface look, color, or pattern.

Mother Nature, and everything she gives us, is timeless.

Timeless is about being kind, honest, and meaningful. Timeless is about giving with integrity and receiving with gratitude. Timeless is about being and doing in accordance with our principles to contribute to a healthier, mindful and sustainable ecosystem. Timeless is a reminder that we are all students of life; it teaches us to learn.


Our Team

Studio / Headquarter | Ubud, Bali

Our studio is where we work on ideation, design development, craft-making, barkcloth-painting, and natural dyeing (yes, you can be 100% sure that your naturally-dyed wearable poetry is traceable and directly handmade-with-abundant-love by our team in our studio dye kitchen).

Being a team of women, on any given day you might find us brewing some dyes, making barkcloth necklaces, taking photoshoot of a fresh collection, learning about latest botanical findings, or dancing to energetic music in this very space.

Barkcloth Artisans | Central Sulawesi 

Started with 2 artisans back in 2015, we now partner with 4 cooperatives consist of 29 artisans in total; all of them are in the Bada Valley of Poso, Central Sulawesi.

We hold-hands with these amazing women to sustain their cultural heritage, protect their land, while providing a source of income through barkcloth.



Other Non-Timber Forest Products Artisans (Bamboo, Coixseed, Straw)
Bali | Java | Central Sulawesi

The supporting materials we use are made of non-timber forest products, such as pandanus baskets, bamboo bag-handles, and coixseed beads. These nature's treasures are ethically-harvested and handcrafted by our partnering artisans in Bali, Java, and Central Sulawesi.

Production Associates (Bag-Makers, Seamstresses) | Bali

We work with production partners to transform our dream into reality. Our scarves, shirts and dress are sewn by Balinese seamstresses who take double roles as mothers as well as main providers for the families. They are based in our Ubud neighborhood and we've been working with them for a couple years. Our experienced bag-makers tailor and assemble our barkcloth into bags, clutches and wallets at their homes in Denpasar, Bali.