Customized Dye Services

You've asked us if we do customized dye service.

YES, we do!

We LOVE the fact that you care. You care about people and planet. You choose to dye your fabrics -- or even revive and rejuvenate your old clothes without throwing them away in order to refresh your wardrobe. And we LOVE that you choose to do so by working with colors concocted from plants. Colors that represent your mind, body and soul. Colors that are kind to your skin and the Earth.

We welcome designers, brands, organizations and individuals who are ready to contribute to sustainability and co-create authenticity of work with nature through fibers and plant colors.

Through this service, our mission is to rewild the land, reconnect people with plants and their significance, strengthen and sustain the centuries-old practice of natural dyeing.

The dynamic of each customized dyeing service may be varied, however the summary of the process in general looks like this:
1 - Inquiry
2 - Proposal
3 - Sample-making
4 - Approval
5 - Production Process
6 - Finishing
7 - Packing
8 - Shipping.

Through the entire process, we will keep you on track and be transparent when there are changes and/or challenges. 



  • We only work with plant dyes (not animal dyes) and natural fibers.
  • The fibers (fabrics, yarns, papers) can be supplied by the client or sourced through us.
  • We do not accept custom colors to order from specific request of plant species. Our color guide/chart was developed in accordance with the seasonality and availability of the dye plants.
  • Shades of colors may vary according to the type of fiber being used. Protein fibers like silk and wool generally have deeper and vivid shades compared to cellulose fibers like cotton, linen, hemp, ramie, or tencel, which commonly are lighter and more subtle.
  • The dye methods and techniques that we offer are bundle-dye/ecoprint (no-plastic layer), tie-dye/shibori, immersion dye, and paste painting.
  • The production starts after schedule and payment confirmation.
  • The production (from pre-treatment, dyeing, to finishing) can take an average of 14 to 60 days to be completed, depending on the quantity, materials availability, and current season.
  • Sample is mandatory. Our suggested size is minimum of 15 x 15 cm and maximum of 40 x 40 cm.
  • For the actual project, maximum size per fabric is 300 x 180 cm.
  • It's important to understand that we work with colors birthed from nature, so results may vary from the color guide presented based on the season and the properties of the dye plants.
  • We are committed to create with transparency and quality, but to attain this completely you need to take a good care of your plant-dyed treasure so that they have a long life and more lasting colors. Complete care guide is submitted to each work we dye for you.

For inquiry and more details about our customized dyeing services, please email to us at

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