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Arts and Crafts as Healing Medium

As someone who survived physical - sexual abuses and childhood traumas, I was easy to feel left out and anxious about what was going to happen in front of me when I was not "prepared".

Until I found my true path. Artisanal craftsmanship. A path that has become a real healing medium for me.

When fear and anxiety happened, I would pause, take three deep breaths, take an easy walk around me, empower my inner creativity to flow (be it through writing or crafting with textiles and paper), and slowly reconnected with the life that I consciously decided to live. By realizing, accepting and honoring the present moment and everything I've been endowed, I feel my deepest self and I can share my best self with others.

When you're in doubt or afraid of trying because of past traumas, when you're worried about possibilities you haven't even go for . . . put your faith in yourself, overcome those feelings with a deep breath, laughter, sounds of the earth, a cup of your favorite drink, and connect or surround yourself with those who live unapologetically themselves while sharing their inner peace and wisdom.

Start to see things from another perspective. Self-love sounds ordinary but it's truly powerful. Work on your strengths and qualities. Appreciate your own process while respecting others'.

Next month, joining Mental Health Awareness Week under the theme Kindness, we will open a series of craft therapy sessions online. Each will have different topics but all of them are integrated in a theme. In the coming week, we'll share more details about it and how you can join. In the meantime, stay safe, and always... always... choose love and kindness.

Virtual hugs from Ubud,